Wednesday, September 19, 2018

WMI root\cimv2 Hierarchy Visualization

Update: I made a mobile friendly version. You can find it at If you add it to your home screen and then open it, it should open full screen and give you more real-estate (at least on the iphone.)

While digging through the room\cimv2 WMI namespace I wanted to visually see of all the parent child relationships. So I put together a quick visualization.

You can see it here:

It's just a tree starting with all the classes that do not inherent from any parent. I created a "no parent" node that all the classes without a parent fall under. This just made it simpler/quicker to get the visualization done.

The page is not mobile optimized.

Pan around with the mouse.

Zoom in and out with the mouse's scroll wheel

Search for a specific WMI class in the root\cimv2 namespace. The exact name is needed for the search to work. Enter the name, click "go" and it will take you to the class in the visualization. The search does not work with partial names. It is case-insensitive though and there is an autocomplete that should get you the class you're looking for. (The auto-complete population does do partial names.)

The code isn't the prettiest, I put it together really quick. There is much to be improved. I thought about modifying it to show all the associations between the classes...