Wednesday, October 18, 2017

S2D StoragePools and Virtual Disks Can Easily Move

It's possible to move all the physical disks involved in a S2D deployment to different servers and to bring the data online! I tested this out by installing S2D on a three node cluster. I shutdown all the nodes and pulled the disks. I then reinstalled the OS on all three nodes and put the disks back in. I setup the new cluster w/ different server names and cluster name and then ran "Enable-ClusterS2D". The old storage pool and disks could be seen. The storage pool was in a read-only state and the disks were detached. To get the data online I did the following:

Get-StoragePool *s2d* | Set-StoragePool -IsReadOnly $false

Get-VirtualDisk | Connect-VirtualDisk

Then I went to the cluster manager, right clicked on Pools and "Add Storage Pool". Then I right clicked on disks and "Add Disk". At this point I added the disks to CSV and was able to access all the data.