Thursday, February 23, 2017

S2D Continually Refresh Job and Disk Status

In storage spaces direct you can run Get-StorageJob to see the progress of rebuilds/resyncs. The following powershell snippet allows you to continually refresh the status of the rebuild operation so that you know when things are back to normal.

function RefreshStorageJobStatus () { while($true) { Get-VirtualDisk | ft; Write-Host "-----------";  Get-StorageJob;Start-Sleep -s 1;Clear-Host; } }

Enter the above in powershell on one line. Then enter "RefreshStorageJobStatus" to start the script. The output should look similar to the following and refresh every second:

Name   IsBackgroundTask ElapsedTime JobState  PercentComplete BytesProcessed BytesTotal
----   ---------------- ----------- --------  --------------- -------------- ----------
Repair True             00:00:13    Suspended 0               0              7784628224
Repair True             00:00:06    Suspended 0               0              7784628224

FriendlyName ResiliencySettingName OperationalStatus HealthStatus IsManualAttach Size
------------ --------------------- ----------------- ------------ -------------- ----
vd01                               OK                Healthy      True           1 TB
vd03                               Degraded          Warning      True           1 TB
vd02                               Degraded          Warning      True           1 TB
vd04                               OK                Healthy      True           1 TB

You can press ctrl-c to stop the execution.

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